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rolling up piano 61 keys Smart electronic organ MIDI USB interface
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    material: Silicone

    key quantity: 61pcs

    English panel and English manual

    61-key digital roll up piano
    A. keyboard: 61 keys standard keyboard +1 key 5 tone group
    B. tone: 128 kinds of tone (can be selected by the digital keys and Up&Down)
    C. rhythm: 128 kinds of rhythm (can be selected by the number keys and Up&Down)
    D. demo song: 30 demo music (with DEMO track table)
    E. sound: vibrato, portamento (piano action).
    F.: a single finger, a multi - finger, a synchronous chord.
    G. Hardware: 64 chords, with 16 2 bit DAC output, built-in power amplifier circuit
    H.MIDI OUT output channel design equipment, MIDI OUT line is required
    I. recording function: 98 recording notes (including ON NOTE and OFF NOTE process), playback
    J. digital display: Piano house tone and rhythm
    K. internal loudspeaker: can connect the headset or external amplifier (home theater)
    L. power: The built-in lithium battery (can play 25 hours or so), the other can be equipped with an external power supply: 6V 600MA DC
    M. output power: 500MW


    1. color box: put a hand roll piano, backpack, manual, power supply, pedal

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