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vertical 1800W+1200W double panels electric ceramic cooker
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    category:vertical electric ceramic cooker/built-in electric stove

    stove head/panel:2

    Scientific principles:heat radiation/heat transfer

    panel:Advanced all-ceramic panel
    power of every panel:1800W+1200W
    size:288*510 mm

    Operating modetouch screen

    usage:advanced special furnace for claypot/multifunctional cooker/built-in electric stove



    High temperature:the furnace core can be heated within 1-5 seconds,its furnace surface temperature can be up to 200 degrees .
    no picking pot,whether it is iron, aluminum, ceramic, glass ...all can be heated to at most 200 degrees

    No radiation, no fire, do not produce carbon monoxide, are non-polluting and harmless human health products.
    Thermal effects:using the most advanced high-alloy material as a heating element,making a higher thermal efficiency.
    Security protection: with ultra-high temperature and voltage protection, the furnace surface has a high temperature warning indicator/ temperature display


    This product is electric ceramic cooker,a new heating cooker working by heat radiation/heat transfer ,just as a built-in stove producing heat by electrical energy.Its heating effect is better than induction cooker,but it is not Induction cooker,pls notice

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