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New Creative Multifunctional Digital LCD Desk Mesh Pen Pencil Holder
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    Ordering this kind of fashionable penholder can help you to arrange all kinds of pens
    It holds plenty of pens, pencils, rulers, markers and highlighters on your desktop
    It is also handy for small tools
    In addition to your personal use, you can present one to your friends
    With clean, durable, practical, low maintenance and eco-friendly advantages
    Fashionable style can not only hold your items, but is also an ideal desk decoration
    Unique design, elegant appearance
    This penholder is an ideal gift for the sophisticated professional or to accent any home office
    Large-screen calendar

    Brief instroduction of Functions:

    Normal Time Mode: Normal time displays hours, dates(running from year 2000 to year 2099), and weeks,12 hours or 24 hours modes can be shifted sa needed
    Music Alarm Mode and Sleeping Mode: Ordinary alarm time can be set up in alarm mode, different music can be selected to come with the ring. Additionally the exact interval hours could be set up under sleeping mode
    Timer Mode: Reverse timing can be set in timer mode the hours of which could be ranged from 23:59 to 00:00:00
    Temoerature Mode: Degree centigrade can be shifted to degree celsius each other, the nomal range measuring range is 0 C ~ 50 C


    Automatic drawer
    Pen Holder
    Countdown timer
    Alarm clock
    Time display
    Temerature display C/F


    Material: ABS
    Color: random    
    Material:ABS+ Stainless Mesh
    Package:1PC pen holder (2 PCS twist button batteries is Included)

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