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heart mosquito killer
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    Rated voltage:220V

    Rated power:4W

    Rated frequency:50Hz


    How to use: Just plug the power cord to a suitable power outlet, press the power switch , the product will be able to start work, lamp would be light at this time, the power grid charging, fan Rotation. To shut down just press the power switch, the machine will stop working.

    Note: Do not reach into the machine when the product is working  or tinkering with machines by hand, in order to avoid accidents, not using the product in fllowing place :  strong ultraviolet , strong local fluorescent light , as well as the place that the infants and young children can get it. befroe cleaning the net, pls turn off the power and safety switch in the grille.


    1, the automatic killing mosquito mashine directly kill mosquitoes, unlike traditional mosquito tablets, traditional tablets just drive mosquito away, the mosquitoes will come back.

    2, this mashine does not use any chemicals, non-toxic, tasteless, non-radiation, safety and environmental protection.

    3, without any tools, directly connected to the power supply can be used. there is safety switch in activities grille, open the grille and turn off the safety switch you can clean  high voltage power grid,no high-voltage power left,don't wrorry the  risk of high-voltage power, it is simple, convenient and safe.

    4, power consumption is very low, even using 24 hours a day per month, but only 2.88 kWh of electricity loss per month.

    5, soft lighting, quiet, does not affect sleep, look cute, give you a romantic, warm world.


    1, when family prepare to kill mosquito , pls turn off the lights ,can not have any additional light interference (such as fluorescent lamps, televisions, light from a window). also close the window to avoid strong winds (such as electric fans, air conditioners, etc.) avoid to blow the mashine straightly, keeping indoor air at rest. put the mashine on somewhere away from the wall about 0.8 meters in the open, the mashine generate air flow  in the room itself form a cycle,mosquitoes attacted by light and airflow effect, automaticly gathered around the mashine, and continuously into the machine grid and be electrocuted.

    2. When using this machine, we recommend that people temporarily left the scene , because vampire is mosquito nature, human odor attractity to mosquitoes is more larger than the others, so that when someone is present, it will directly affect lilling mosquito effect. After dinner, the family go out for a walk enjoying the breeze,it is the best time to killing mosquito.For 20 square meters room, killing mosquito time is not less than one hour.if Still a little mosquito left, turn off the lights and let automatic suction mosquito continued to work until dawn, you can sleep peacefully.

    * Technological innovation: Combining the world's advanced physical mosquito technology, using optical lure, silent shaft and electric grid to kill.

    * Harmless: non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, no noise, without any chemical ingredients.

    * High mosquito: mosquito rate up to 95%, can effectively reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

    * Convenient, reliable: directly connected to the power supply it can be used. Open the front cover turn off the safety switch ,the mosquito nets has no electricity,  safe and clean.

    * Lighting functions: mosquito lamp can be used as nocturnal illumination.

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