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Ultrasonic Humidifier DEM-F300 (Dark Blue)
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    About the Product




    TypeUltrasonic wave
    Place of originFoshan, Guangdong

    Water tank capacity (L)3
    Rated humidification (ml / h)280g/Hr
    Noise (db)The following 36db
    Rated power (w)30W
    Rated voltage (v)220V
    Applicable area (m2)21 m -30 m
    GW (kg)1.2
    Overall dimensions (mm)145*255
    Package dimensions mm204*204*340
    Function parameters

    HumidificationOut of the fog
    Humidification patternStandard skin purifying energy
    Water power protectionSupport
    Water inlet positionBottom of the tank
    Timing functionDoes not support
    Port number out of the fogA
    AnionDoes not support



    Weight : 1.08kg
    Shipping Weight : 1.08kg



    Humidification longer look at me Slim, my water tank can hold 2.4 it ~

    Stunning color indicator

    I have a water power protection indicator, takes good care of the owner's use of safe ~

    Adjust volume knob

    I Promise fog volume adjustment function, you want how much mist controlled by you ~

    Oversized outlet, water based fog

    I blow out the fog, but please be careful not to add water from me, or I'll broken oh ~

    Film atomization humidification

    I spray films, is the heart of the humidifier, mist that I made out oh ~

    Safety float

    I am a safety device, no water I let the machine off, I am a very important role oh ~


    Slim figure, put up pretty solid too, and will not take up your space.

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