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Nordic minimalist bedroom room Japanese balcony wood ceiling light
  • TOPVMALL Price: MUR 3,558.00
Product number :16103612062481031

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    material:  wood+Acrylic

    size:   diameter: 30cm 18W;   diameter: 40cm  24W, diameter: 50cm, 36W

    voltage: 220V

    style 1:   LED white lighting  30cm

    style 2:  LED white lighting 40cm

    style 3:  LED white lighting 50cm

    style 4:   LED warm lighting 30cm

    style 5:  LED  warm lighting  40cm

    style 6:   LED warm lighting 50cm

    style 7:  LED  3-color lighting 30cm

    style 8:  LED 3-color  lighting 40cm

    style 9:   LED 3-color  lighting 50cm

    style 10:  LED NiteCore Extreme lighting (Led principle of non-polar adjustment of light)30CM

    style 11:  LED NiteCore Extreme  lightingLed principle of non-polar adjustment of light)40CM

    style 12:  LED NiteCore Extreme lighting(Led principle of non-polar adjustment of light)50CM

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