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Two-in-one balance car children's pedalless self-propelled scooter
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    Exploring the world

    material: steel

    Sliding pedal two in one

    Product Name: Two-in-one scooter

    Product weight: 4.2KG (foot mode)

    Applicable age: 1/5 years old Product load, 35KG

    Product size: length 84cm handlebar height 63cm seat adjustment range 33-40cm

    Packing size: length 69cm width 19cm height 29cm

    Widened wheel surface stitching color hub

    Quick release design, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to use, no tools required

    The pedals are installed and removed with one button, and they can be deformed at any time without tools.

    The auxiliary wheel is friendly to the beginner baby, quick disassembly design,

    Two modes, rideable and slidable, multi-mode selection

    Suitable for babies of different ages, from small to big, unlimited fun

    Sliding balance car, exercise baby coordination ability, make your baby confident and brave

    Riding a tricycle, exercising your baby's balance, helping to learn to ride a bicycle

    Lightweight design, only 4.2kg for the whole car

    Lightweight metal frame reduces the weight of the body and makes the ride lighter

    Anti-fall triangle stable structure

    Stable triangular structure design to avoid more falls, give you peace of mind

    Rubber-enhanced mute auxiliary wheel, 11cm diameter width, support more stable

    Seat height adjustment Adapt to different height baby

    Lifting adjustment is high and low, flexible and effortless, the baby can determine the height according to his height

    Solid shock-proof cushioning foam wheel, no inflatable, more wear-resistant, tires that refuse to pass the tire

    Anti-slip car handle Anti-collision head sticker Unique anti-slip texture for the handle and anti-collision head sticker

    360° rotating front, full angle free rotation, free to control the sense of direction

    Smooth and good pedals, good pedals save more energy

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