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JLT Laptop desk/aluminum computer desk/bed computer desk T5
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    Brand: JLT

    material: Aluminum alloy

    size: pls refer to below picture

    This is a notebook computer table with exquisite design, exquisite workmanship and high humanity. At the same time, it can also be used for other purposes. It is powerful and flexible, and can be changed like a Transformer for different venues, different uses, and different objects.

    ☆ Use occasions: bed, sofa, table top, carpet, grass

    ☆ Uses: computer desk, small desk, drawing board, flower stand

    ☆Used objects: adults, children

    Three folding legs that can be rotated 360o on every side

    There are two legs like the lower limbs of the human body. Each leg has three branches, just like the legs of the human legs, the calves and the thighs. So that T2A has the same flexibility, can sit, stand, squat, squat. According to different needs, adopt different postures, adapt to local conditions and serve you just right.

    Convenient and quick self-locking joint

    The magical dexterity is largely due to the self-locking joint. This joint helps the T2A to deform quickly and is durable. By gently pressing the button, the joint is soft, and the angle and height can be adjusted freely. When the button is released, the joint is like a point, and it is instantly fixed.

    Convenient and quick self-locking joints, realize one-button lock, fixed function, no longer need to be fixed by the traditional computer table with manual screw bolts. strong and sturdy, Adjust it with a single click. The “gear plate” is designed with precise scales for easy angle and height adjustment.

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