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60L car retractable storage box / plastic bucket with lid
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    【product name】: 60L car retractable storage box / plastic bucket with lid
    【product brand】:BangNing
    【Product Model】:BN-A60L-1C
    【Product Capacity】: 60L
    【product color】: black with lid
    【product size】: 60X46X12cm (with cover 14cm)
    【Expanded size】: 60X46X30cm
    【product material】: ABS/PP
    【single net weight】: 2060g
    【product box regulations】: 495X345X113mm

    A. folding multi-purpose storage box made of polypropylene modified plastic. Good product steel and toughness, can be reversed
    Used for double folding, it is not easy to damage. The use of ambient temperature range: -20 - - +90 °C.
    B.When not in use, the folding collection height is only 12cm. When it is  used, it can be pulled up to a height of 30cm. It can increase the  capacity by 3 times and the capacity can reach 37L. It solves the  problem of poorly placed liquids in the vehicle. The storage box is sealed around and does not leak water. Can be placed with liquid (alkaline, acidic, oily) items such as seafood, ice, drinks, oil and so on. Easy to clean after use.
    【Instructions for use】:
    A. Function of water bucket: When washing car, it can hold water; it  can be used as water for outdoor activities; it can even be used as  outdoor
    Wash your feet and wash your utensils during the event.
    B. Storage function: It can also be used as a collection of household  daily groceries when not in the car, such as children's toys
    C. Miscellaneous: Buckets for fish farming when fishing: Nursing tool kits for growing flowers and plants

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