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About Logistics Services

When you pay for your order in TOPVMALL successfully, you will enter into the waiting part, how to get the goods depends on the channel where you shop, and the way of logistics you have chosen. TOPVMALL  prepare for you a variety of logistics modes to meet your diversified and personalized requirements.


1. Local quick shopping channel
When you enter the local shopping cart and submit your order, you can select the "warehouse delivery" or "Send to the delivery point ", they exist in your country or city, you only need to pick up .

2. International Shopping Channel (any goods of non-local fast shopping channels)
When you enter the international shopping cart and submit your order, the products will be displayed in preference with the  "air transport"  , you can select some of the goods and click "to pay." If the transportation of some goods by air is not supported, you can select shipping logistics or warehouse delivery. If all goods are supported by air transport, you  can choose: warehouse delivery, shipping, DHL. If your country has the "postal parcel" , then there will be a choice of postal packet mode.


Because shipping and warehouse delivery do not provide door-to-door service, you have to pick-up from the delivery points or warehouse location (click city, then select specific locations). For postal packets and DHL, you need to choose a shipping address. If you do not enter a shipping address in advance, then the system will ask you to enter a shipping address, the new shipping address will be kept in the list. Choose a different logistic way, the system will  calculate automatically the cost, displayed in the system as a reference.

3.  What is the shipping service?
Shipping service is that TOPVMALL will send your ordered goods to your city by maritime transport, and then deliver to your specified delivery point, when the goods arrive at the delivery point, you will receive from the system an arrival notification and system-random code, the you only need to bring your ID card and  the random code to pick up your orders.
In the shipping process, you can also log in to your personal account at TOPVMALL, click the "Order Status" to check the transportation status of your order .


4. What is the air service?
Air service is that TOPVMALL will send directly the products by way of air transportation and distribution directly your shipping address or directly to receiver. Air service currently includes DHL (www.dhl.com) and international postal packet (www.singpost.com)

In the air transport process, you can also login to your personal account, the system will send your the transportation number, or you can visit www.dhl.com or www.singpost.com to follow your order.




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