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Looking for Local Partners: : Win-Win to Prosperity

TOPVMALL is an O2O e-Commerce operator which means unifies the offline sales channel and online displaying together. So, TOPVMALL welcome all the sales channels in Mauritius to join us, whatever you are a company, a shop, even a natural person.


Even you are already the traditional sales channel, do you worry about the e-Commerce trend? And try to join the e-Commerce trend?

If you have no capital to establish your own business, do you think you can be the agent of hundred thousand products even you have no any coin?


TOPVMALL will cooperate with the local sales channel for market development in addition with the advanced e-Commerce methods.

Sales channels may help TOPVMALL to develop more customers. And getting commissions via guiding customers' shopping or selling TOPVMALL electronic gift card.

TOPVMALL have the responsibility to protect the sales channels' interests in the payment mode, delivery mode and etc.

Not only the selling service, TOPVMALL can provide more cooperation opportunities to the local partners.


To be a sales channel, you need open an operation account in TOPVMALL system and deposit some amount because you will collect the amount back from the customers. And you can refund your deposit any time maybe with a little transfer fee.

You need to obey TOPVMALL channel rules in the system without any cheating and defraud activities. And you must obey the local commercial laws. 

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