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TOPVMall (www.topvmall.com) is a business electricity supplier operating platform, and also the first domestic trade O2O electronic business platform.

TOVMall's vision is to expand the international market on the one hand for domestic suppliers to provide an efficient and low-risk marketing platform, on the other hand, for billions of international consumers, including in Africa to provide a richer, high quality cheap goods make Ariel mall as a "complete category, variety, brand names, honest and trustworthy, quality and cheap," the ideal shopping platform. 

Benefits of Joining TOPVMall

1.   In China, competition is fierce in the domestic market and the costs of developing the international market are too high;  follow TOPVMall, you will directly reach billions of consumers with low risk.

2.   International E-commerce, especially in the developing countries has just entered the period of rapid development. TOPVmall begins operations at the right time. Become our provider allows you to grab regret to miss the opportunity to enter the Chinese market.
3.   Free installation and clean provider account, you can gestionner products, orders, inventory. The system provides a data processing tool, easy to use. The only peculiarity is that you must provide a product presentation in English, TOPVMall will be responsible for translating into other languages. 

Suppliers Joining Conditions

TOPVMall welcomes all manufacturers, brands, dealers and individuals capable of providing quality products that are interested in the development of international markets, particularly in developing countries. You will need to have a long-term supply, supporting B2C sales.
TOPVMall denies all counterfeit goods. The supplier must comply with the procedures and requirements prescribed, has a legitimate right to sell products. The information disseminated must be precisely described and mentioned above behavior does not cause nuisance to a third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, property rights, etc. If his behavior causes complaints, accusations or administrative statements of a third party, it will bear all the responsibility. TOPVMall reserves the right to cancel their presence status for all suppliers who have offense behavior.

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