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Return & Refund


If you find the quality or quantity problem, or other problems affecting the use of function at the delivery point or three days after the receipt of goods , you can contact our local agent to submit replacement or returning application.


Return Policy

1.        Except the goods with warranty services, TOPVMALL provides only one return service for free.

2.        Part of disposable consumer goods such as cosmetics, daily toiletries necessities, care, hygiene supplies, clothing shoes, bags, jewelry, underwear and other commodities do not have return service.

3.        When you apply for returning on the spot of commodity examination, please make sure that the product is without second damage. Please make sure that the order receipts, merchandise tag, accessories, gifts and all kinds of packaging integrity.

4.        If the products in question have promotion or discount, you can only apply for a replacement, no refund.

5.        After signing and picking-up the products, the user who does not purchase maintenance services can't make return or replacement application. The user who has purchased maintenance service can neither make application beyond maintenance validity period.


The Followings Conditions DO NOT Support Return Service

1.        All products that are not sold by TOPVMALL such as product serial number does not match the recording system, etc.;

2.        The package lost or damaged (including filling, Bite, bags, tape inside box, etc.);

3.        Lost parts or damaged accessories (accessories, user guides, maintenance record, label, tag at the neck, other parts, invoices, etc.) ;

4.        Due to camera, lighting, screens, clothes and etc, these goods maybe have differences in color with the picture you saw on the computer.

5.        Personal causes of the damage (such as improper installation, disassemble the internal parts, long-term wear, accidental fall, change labels, immersion in water, etc.) will not be refunded;

6.        The machine malfunction or damage caused by force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, etc.);

7.        In the case of your own error-use, environmental constraints, or what you describe does not correspond to reality, TOPVMALL will not accept your application;

8.        Gifts or parts of goods not may apply to return as a single element.


How to Apply for Return or Replacement Service?

When you confirm that the goods your received meet the above return conditions and requirements, please carry your goods to our agent place for replacement or return application, and sign in "return application form".  

In the form, please select the process modes when approved which including replacing by a new goods, refunding to your TOPVMALL account and refunding to cash (ONLY if you paid the order by cash in our agent place).

After receiving your application, TOPVMALL will check your goods within three days, and give you the final answer.

If your application is approved and your requirement is to refund to cash, please go to the agent place where your made the order to collect your cash. If your application is not approved, you will go to pick-up your goods from the agent place.

You can track the process in YOUR ACCOUNT of mu.topvmall.com.


Warranty in Use

We try our best to make sure the products shipped to our customers are in the best condition. Because of the lack of the conditions, we only provide 1-year warranty for some of categories goods in the following form:

For the other categories, if there are some problem in use, you can also contact with our agent, we will try our best to help. Otherwise, it will maybe chargeable.

Thanks for your understanding. 

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