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Who Are We?

Topvmall.com is a full-service E2E e-commerce platform developed by Shen Zhen Tian Wei Co., Ltd.(www.chinatopv.com), it's also the first O2O foreign trading e-commerce platform in China.

Here O2O (Online to Offline) means that we cooperate with the local Brick-and-Mortar shops as our sale channel, pick-up point, post sales point, etc.

A Typical Shopping Scene 

1.    Customers browse goods online (1) at home, (2) in Brick-and-Mortar shops with tablets,

2.    Customers select goods online,

3.    Customers pay (1)by cash in the shops (2)by online account after buying prepaid card in the shops to recharge into the account

4.    Customers  get a SMS remind and pickup the goods after the goods arrived.

Our Features:

1.    Topvmall.com uses O2O program to achieve B2B2C, it takes advantage of the physical stores in local countries to develop members, sell cards, purchase and pick-up goods, services after sell etc., it effectively solves these three problems in developing countries, so to achieve the mix with local resources.

2.    Topvmalll.com  is a full service e2e system which includes multi languages, member system, channel system, supply chain system, logistics system and payment system, it can totally be deployed independently and doesn't need to be interfaced with any other systems.

3.    Topvmall.com sets up a separate operating platform for each country, so to facilitate the development totally of the local resources; but Topvmall.com has a unique supply chain system, it can copy instantly the business model and the goods to every country.

4.    Because Topvmall.com uses O2O model, we have local partners during the complete business procedure, so it's not like the other foreign trading e-commerce platforms in China which only support air shipping, Topvmall.com supports many shipping ways like air shipping , ocean shipping  etc., so it can sell all kinds of products.

We want to provide a high efficiency, low risky selling platform to all Chinese suppliers who want to develope their business in international market, on the other hand we want to provide more products with good quality and competitive price to several billions international customers, Topvmall.com 's vision is to become a ideal shopping platform with "Full categories, Wealthy products, Plenty Brands, Competitive Prices".

Topvmall.com supports not only physical products, we'll cooperate with many Internet service suppliers like travel, game, culture, film and life etc., by taking advantage of Topvmall.com channel system, payment system and member system to develop international market together. So Topvmall's future vision is to become the most important full service ISP provider in local country.


Topvmall advantages

·      Real Quality and After sales service via Local partners

·      Free shipping for products by sea

·         No headache for customs duty & VAT

·         Topvmall & partners take care of your goods until the local store with 0% package lost percentage.

·         Warranty offers as per condition of products.

·         Home delivery available upon request at a reasonable price

·         Installation service of packing products offers at an additional cost (mainly furniture)

To know how to register and recharge in TOPVMALL system, please refer to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKMyIQpjWFI&feature=share

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